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Training and Support

caffe-attibassi-videocorso-baristiBecause the success of the Attibassi system depends on its people and the uniformity of its operations from cafe to cafe, the management of Attibassi has designated the training of its franchisees as a top priority. We make major commitments of time and resources to our franchisee training program. As a franchisee, you will be trained in the areas of:

  •    Store Operations
  •    Production
  •    Merchandising
  •    Promotions
  •    Accounting Procedures
  •    Store and Personnel Management



Field service personnel work directly with the franchisee, providing expert counsel not only through the opening phase of the Cafe but also on an ongoing, regular basis. They regularly visit each franchise to give on-the-spot management and operational suggestions, thus serving as a conduit for new ideas at work within the Attibassi system.

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