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Tradition and Technology

04082009_101919Banner_flash_stabilimenti_coindHuman experience and the employment of modern industrial processes are melted into our company, since 1961, in order to guarantee always the same result: an extraordinary cup of espresso coffee.  To release the best organoleptic characteristics, the coffee beans must be roasted evenly, without burning them. This is done in Co.ind by continuously monitoring the process using sophisticated electronic equipment that follows the specific roastingcurves defined for each blend.  Above left, a Co.Ind expert analysing coffee beans at various intervals.

Attibassi factory

For ground coffee or pods and capsules, grinding is the next step of the process.  State of the art roller grinders ensure excellent quality which is confirmed by the subsequent inspection done with a laser granulometer.  Vacuum packaging is the final step and is designed to keep the taste and aroma of the coffee. Co.ind adds another process to this step to further stabilise its blends: packaged coffee is monitored at rest and climate controlled for at least two weeks, until it reaches the right level of maturation. Finally, and only once the coffee has been approved by a panel of experts who test its quality and consistency, it is released to the market.  To the right, Attibassi factory in Bologna, cir 1900’s (Attibassi factory and other classic photos are available for purchase through


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