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The Only Way I Drink Coffee…

by / Wednesday, 06 February 2013 / Published in Entertainment, Lifestyle

pants-coffeegreat-for-your-skinAfter a recent Facebook post where I mentioned I put some strange ingredients in mycoffee, I’ve gotten a few emails asking for more details…

I have a love/hate relationship with coffee. Basically, I love coffee but my adrenals don’t always love it! Also, since I don’t eat/drink sugar or much pasteurized dairy, it can make for some pretty boring coffee… until now.

I’d always mixed coconut oil into my coffee or tea to help get my 1/4 cup a day, though it always floated on the top and the texture was sometimes rough (especially when I was pregnant…  the texture made me so nauseous!). At the suggestion of a site I sometimes read, I tried a strange twist that has become my new favorite!

Basically, I blend coconut oil and grassfed organic unsalted butter (yes… butter) into coffee with a dash of vanilla and sometimes a drop of stevia. The blender emulsifies the coconut oil and butter so the texture is more creamy than oily and it is a delicious way to get a boost of beneficial fats. This type of coffee also gives much more extended energy throughout the day without making me jittery.

Seriously, try this coffee at your own risk, because it will ruin you for drinking other coffee!

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