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Attibassi Ground Coffee


coffee copy 2Espresso Italiano
Ground Coffee

Our signature blend, achieved with the skillfull combination of rare robusta beans from Africa, India and Southeast Asia, along with select Arabica beans from the plateaus of Brazil.  The result is a coffee with a pleasant aroma, rich flavor, and full body.

8.8 oz. brick





coffee copy 3Arabica Filter
Ground Coffee

Perfectly suited for those who prefer drinking a traditional cup of drip coffee, but also ideal for a French press.  A smooth cup with mild acidity and a lighter body, the result of a 100% blend of Arabica beans. 

8.8 oz. brick





coffee copy 4Decaffeinated
Ground Coffee

With no more than 0.1% of caffeine per 6 oz. cup, this coffee is roasted slightly further than the rest of our offering.  A blend of arabica and robusta beans, it has a deep flavor and nutty aroma.

8.8 oz. brick


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